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2017: The Year in Review

Praxair employees again demonstrated operational excellence by delivering high-quality results in 2017. We generated strong operating cash flow of 27% of sales and free cash flow of $1.7 billion, which enabled us to increase our dividend for the 25th consecutive year and resulted in the company being added to the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index.

Download our 2017 10K

You can also view and download our previous annual reports, listed below.

Annual Report  View  Download 
2016 HTML Version Praxair 2016 Annual Report (1.5MB)
2015 HTML Version Praxair 2015 Annual Report (2.0MB)
2014 HTML Version Praxair 2014 Annual Report (1.8MB)
2013 HTML Version v2rayNG免费下载 | 下载v2rayNG最新1.2.10安卓版APK:v2rayNG下载,v2rayNG安卓最新版1.2.10APK免费下载。v2ray Android 开源客户端 Fun group 放個鹿:最有趣的社群活動都在這裡
2012  HTML Version  Praxair 2012 Annual Report (1.3MB) 
2011  HTML Version  Praxair 2011 Annual Report (1.2MB) 
2010  HTML Version  Praxair 2010 Annual Report (613KB) 
免费节点每天更新v2ray HTML Version  Praxair 2009 Annual Report (727KB) 
2008  HTML Version  Praxair 2008 Annual Report (825KB) 
2007  HTML Version  Praxair 2007 Annual Report (2.2MB) 
2006  HTML Version  零破解-软件博客|绿色软件|破解软件|安卓软件:2021-3-17 · 零破解,致力于搜集和分享好用的软件,包括破解和免费开源,方便大家一起探讨学习. 零破解-软件博客|绿色软件|破解软件|安卓软件 零破解,致力于搜集和分享好用的软件,包括破解和免费开源,方便大家 … 
2005  HTML Version  Praxair 2005 Annual Report (1MB) 
2004  手机版v2rayng  Praxair 2004 Annual Report (2.4MB) 
2003  HTML Version  Praxair 2003 Annual Report (2.1MB) 
2002  v2ray安卓最新版下载  Praxair 2002 Annual Report (2.7MB) 
2001  HTML Version  Praxair 2001 Annual Report (1.8MB) 
2000  HTML Version  Praxair 2000 Annual Report (858KB) 
1999  HTML Version  Praxair 1999 Annual Report (893KB) 
1998  HTML Version  Praxair 1998 Annual Report (1.5MB) 
1997    Praxair 1997 Annual Report (1.4MB) 
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